In order to give advantages to users, creators and artists, we have implemented the NTKA token.

  • Name: Network Art
  • Symbol: NTKA
  • Blockchain: Binance smart chain
  • Contract: BSCScan
  • Max supply: 500,000,000

For each trade:
4% in the Locked Liquidity Pool.
4% for token holders
2% for an art association


The Blocked Liquidity Pool guarantees security of the token price
NTKA Periodic Burn System will influence token price
No creation of new NTKAs
Of the fees generated during NFT sales, 50% will go into the token’s liquidity pool.

We are allocating a portion of the token NTKA to community rewards.
Among our planned reward systems, Community is already available in “Beta”. This is a community platform that offers members/artists the opportunity to create, share, exchange with other members. A system community points is set up, the more members are active and the more points they earn. Points can then be exchanged for Token NTKA.

The date of the pre-sale of the token will soon be revealed. Follow us on the networks for the launch.

Network Art presents “Community“! An art-driven “participate and earn” community.

Users can take advantage of many features to interact with other members.
This makes it easy to share and help each other. You can customize your profile page and expose your media, photos, video, audio… share your mood, see your friends, favorites, groups and more.

Several groups are available, self-help groups, art and drawing group, just chill group…

And if you can’t find the group that suits you, you can create your own!

Features available in version 1.0:

  • -Activity wall
    -Creation of profile page
    -Create and join groups
    -Add friends
    -Send private messages


“Participate and earn” each action on the community earns you points that can be exchanged for NTKA tokens. You can view your points history from the profile page.

Registrations are open:

Profile page:

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