Here are the most frequently asked questions about network art

Network art is an NFT store like no other. If you buy a REAL NFT on the Art Network, you receive the physical and signed version at home. In addition, all nfts offered for sale on our store are unique “one-copy edition”.

– It allows artists around the world to make the transition to “digital art”, to exhibit their works of art, to have more visibility.

– Buyers have the option to buy unique NFTs and REAL NFTs securely via blockchain technology.

– Payments are made directly from buyer to seller on the Binance network.

For now, we are a platform for purchases, sales for NFTs, and a community, but we want to be a complete ecosystem for artists and digital art. Over the next two years, we will work on our roadmap goals to make it a reality.

What is an NFT? An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital asset that represents something else, such as a photo, song, video, artwork, or other digital collectible. Unlike cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), which are fungible and can be exchanged for other assets depending on value, NFTs represent rare items that cannot be exchanged for others.

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In order to give advantages to users, creators and artists, we have implemented the NTKA token.

The NTKA token is an asset that will grow in value within our ecosystem.

For each trade:
4% in the Locked Liquidity Pool.
4% for token holders
2% for an art association

Advantages :

The Blocked Liquidity Pool guarantees security of the token price
NTKA Periodic Burn System will influence token price
No creation of new NTKAs

Of the fees generated during NFT sales, 50% will go into the liquidity pool of the NTKA token.

We thus correlate the NFT marketplace to the NTKA token.

An Airdrop is a way used by many projects to make themselves known.
In general, the principle is to distribute free tokens (Cryptocurrency) in exchange for visibility via social networks.

In our case we distribute NTKA tokens before it goes on sale.
As a bonus, 5 Unique NFTs are added to the airdrops.

Airdrop here

To buy an NFT on Network Art, just go to our marketplace NFT, as soon as they open.

You can then buy NFT works, participate in auctions. You will need a MetaMask account and have BNB.

Once your REAL NFT has been purchased, you will have a verification form available to transmit the hash of the transaction and your postal address. This will trigger the sending of your package.

For security purposes, creators/artists must complete a registration form, accept the charter and submit to a Know your customer (KYC) before you can list NFTs.

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