We will implement the

REAL NFT system.

Each time a user buys a REAL NFT on the art network, he receives the signed physical version of the work he has just purchased.

  • It allows artists around the world to make the transition to “digital art”, to exhibit their works of art, to have more visibility.
  • Buyers have the option to invest in artwork in the form of NFTs and receive the physical, signed version securely via blockchain technology.< /li>
  • Payments are made directly from buyer to seller on the Binance network.< /span>


NTKA’s desire is to help artists so that they can make a transition to digital art. To do this, we accompany artists from A to Z to transform their art into NFT. We also manage the shipping logistics for REAL NFT parcels.

In order to strengthen security, each artist wishing to use our Marketplace will be asked for a KYC (know your costumer) their identity will of course remain anonymous and secure. This will ensure the authenticity of the artists and will be a guarantee of confidence for the buyers.

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Oyster Blue

Support: Tirage sur papier photo Dimensions: A3+ (329mm x 483mm) Cadre: 400mm x 500mm Passe-partout: 400mm x 500mm retouché format…

Art of Amani

Look deep into nature , and then you will understand everything better. See with your soul and heart ,you can…

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