To buy, sell or receive cryptocurrency and NFT you need to understand what a digital wallet is. IN general it is called a wallet.The main features of a digital walletis to send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The most used is Metamask.

After creating an account on a digital wallet such as Metamask, you will have a public key available, this is your key to receive crypto assets, or NFT. A public key also called pubkey looks like this: x0789Agh890LK5567fghty68790012714

Here are some examples:

A friend wants to send you cryptocurrencies, he asks you to provide your public key.

Using his wallet, he will send cryptocurrencies to your public key and therefore to your account.

You have just received cryptocurrencies!

The same friend contacts you because he needs some cryptos

You will therefore open your wallet, select send, choose the amount and fill in your friend’s public key.

You just sent cryptos to your friend.

Public key on Metamask:

public key on metamask

The handling is the same for sending/receiving NFTs.

You still need to be careful to send the cryptos over the correct network, for example

if you want to send ETH, blockchain cryptocurrency Etherum, you would send over mainnet Etherum. To send BNB, crypto of Binance, you would send them to the Binance smart network chain.

Select the network on Metamask

You now know how to send and receive crypto or NFT using a wallet.

But the most important thing about using a wallet is keeping it safe.</ span>

When creating your Metamask account, you will be given a “Secret Recovery Phrase” .

This is a 12-word string that allows you to recover your account.

We strongly recommend that you write your “Secret Recovery Phrase” on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.Never keep it on your computer, or phone.You could have your secret phrase and give access to your account…

You can find the full tutorial on the official Metamask website: Metamask FAQ

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